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10 years ago I wrote that fun is not enough. In those 10 years things have not changed very much. But research has gotten a higher status as if we are not capable anymore of thinking for ourselves - okay you need to be educated  to be a good critical thinker and that is what has eroded in education enormously.  Expertise has been made suspicious resulting in “anybody can do this with a course of a week and you do not need to sing well”.  Not to mention the illusion of emancipation because it is stil a field done and run by woman with now and then a man. 

In those 10 years early years music education has become just almost a standard therapeutic remedy for a number of things that do not work well in “regular” situations.  At the same time actual music didactical and pedagogical knowledge made room for well-being and other non-musical elements. Well-being is important, however when the actual music is sort of thrown out and the idea is that through music well-being (for example) is promoted  there is a huge problem: the music which needs to do it is gone itself because it is not being taught anymore.  Music(education) should have intrinsiek value (Susan Young) and should not only be a means to an external end. 


December 2022

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